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The total effective rate was 92% in the acupuncture group and 84% in the sibutramine group. Compared to pre-treatment, serum leptin levels had significantly declined after treatment in both group (p<0.01), and these changes were greater with acupuncture than with sibutramine (p<0.05).

When these organs are weak, symptoms such as allergies, diarrhea, fatigue, cough, and recurring infections are commonplace. For these issues, acupuncture points are chosen on the lung and spleen meridians to supplement the Qi, thereby strengthening immune function.

Chinese Acupuncture Machine, norfolk and Counseling Medicomat. Excessive sweating can sometimes be treated with prescription antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride, anticholinergic medications such as glycopyrrolate, or with botulinum toxin (Botox) injections.

All Oriental medicine modalities are intended to improve the flow of qi (pronounced chee). Qi regulates the bodys spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical balance and is influenced by the opposing forces of yin (negative energy) and yang (positive energy). According to traditional Chinese medicine, when yin and yang are balanced, they work together with the natural flow of qi to help the body achieve and maintain health.

The combination of a versatile, advanced device with the features suggested above and a comprehensive training and support program will go a long way to ensure your clinical and business success.

Reference 181. Ballegaard S et al. Effects of acupuncture in moderate, stable angina pectoris: a controlled study. Journal of Internal Medicine, 1990, 227(1):25-30.

Meridian based approaches also utilize the horary cycle, and recognize not only the time designations, but also the way in which qi moves sequentially through the circuit of the twelve regular meridians.

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